Can you Get a Salvage Title Removed?

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    Can you Get a Salvage Title Removed?

    Is it Possible to Get a Salvage Title Removed?

    One cannot get a salvage title removed from a vehicle. However, it can be rebranded as rebuilt after getting the repairs done and passing state verification. The vehicle gets salvage title after it experiences damage exceeding 75% of the total value.

    Many states won’t allow you to legally drive the vehicle with a salvage title, moreover, with some work, you can rebrand the vehicle with the rebuilt title.

    Things get complicated when it comes to vehicle insurance. Vehicles with salvage titles do not require insurance as they experienced complete loss, however, the car with a rebuilt title is tougher to insure than a regular vehicle.

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    Continue to read to find what you must know about salvage titles.

    What is a Salvage Title?

    Each vehicle having a VIN or vehicle identification number has the vehicle history report. The report helps to keep track of accidents and vehicle titles as well as salvage title vehicles. In addition, the clean title belongs to the vehicle that has not been declared salvage, determining that it is not recognized damaged.

    The damage can be from a flood, accident, or some unpredictable weather change. If the vehicle inspection is completed by the car insurance organization indicating extreme damage then it is considered a complete loss.

    The insurer determines the vehicle is not worth paying for repairs.

    This does not mean that it is not beyond repair, however. If you have an interest to find out if you can reverse a salvage title, fix it up, and get it back on the road, you can, moreover, the first step is to get a salvage certificate, otherwise, refer to salvage title.

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    Getting the salvage title 

    One can apply for a salvage title at the local DMV office. Every state has different regulations making you bring the following documents such as:

    • Present Vehicle Title
    • Certificate of Title to the Motor Vehicle
    • Documentation from Bank or Insurance Organization
    • Paying for the salvage title fee

    Once you have everything filled out and ready, you will get a same-day salvage title. In addition, you will have the thing you need to use the vehicle for daily commuting needs.

    How To Get A Salvage Title Removed?

    After getting the repairs done to the point where you want to insure it and use it again, you must get it examined by the local DMV. Any person with required documentation can bring the vehicle to get inspected, not just the owner.

    The state patrol will verify the ownership of all parts and review documentation. Meeting the salvage inspection requirements can be instant with the correct vehicle and documents in hand.

    What Do You Need?

    • The authentic prepaid inspection receipt from the local DMV 
    • State-issued ID proof or driver’s license if you are commuting the vehicle
    • Title with the present vehicle owner’s name on the front not with the title assigned that has to be transferred.
    • Real receipts for all parts that are not original to the vehicle utilized parts must involve the donor vehicle’s vehicle identification number. If the parts were bought from anywhere but an authorized parts dealer, the receipts will be notarized.

    In case, the vehicle does not pass inspection, you will be notified of what must be done to get it fixed. You can utilize the same inspection receipt for future vehicle inspections. There is no need to buy a new one, however, you cannot use the receipt for any other vehicle.

    If the vehicle is drivable according to the state’s revised code section 4513 and passes inspection, you can then take the report to the DMV for getting a new non-salvage title authorized.

    This is also referred to as clearing the salvage title or getting a salvage title removed. Many states will need that all future titles for the vehicle indicate that it has a salvage history. Depending on the state, this may be indicated by previous salvage or past damage.

    Every state stamp rebuilt salvage on the title document.

    Salvage Titles on Motorcycles

    Motorcycle damage is common and once the motorcycle becomes salvaged, it start to lose its value instantly. If you have the title for a motorcycle that is considered a total loss, you can follow the same process for restoring the title as you will do for the car in a particular state.

    How much does a salvage title drop the value of a car?

    As per the legal rules, the salvage title would reduce the vehicle’s value by 20 to 40%.

    Final Thoughts on Getting a Salvage Title Removed

    After going through the hard work of repairing the car or motorcycle, getting it inspected and changed from the salvage title to a clear title is the easy part. You can expect to pay fees at every step, and you must take time from your schedule to visit the BMV and state patrol office, the latter of which requires the appointment. 

    Many traditional lenders won’t consider financing a vehicle that’s still in the state of salvage, and even the clear title will cause issues. While you can license and register the previously salvaged vehicle, it may cost more to insure or finance as the book value can be tough to decide following the history of harsh damage.

    If you want to get a title loan, get your vehicle to the car dealer, or sell the car, you will get more funds if you go through the process of clearing the title and getting that salvage title behind you.

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